The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice

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The best nursing care is evidence based practice which is based on knowledge and experience (Richardson-Tench et al. 2014, p. 13). Both documents use evidence-based practice to support their procedures. Document two presented two case studies that provided examples of when clinical staff have been presented with an aggressive patient and they have de-escalated the situation through all the techniques offered in the guidelines (Sim, Wain & Khong 2011, p. 870). Document one contained a variety of other sources and policies to broaden and support the guidelines presented on how to manage aggression (NSW Ministry of health 2015, p. 11).

Document one defines the terms of mechanical restraints, manual restraints and human rights (NSW Ministry of health 2015, p. 2). Applying the knowledge of human rights to managing and caring for patients is essential for safe and quality nursing care (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 2016, p. 1). Nurses have the duty to recognise, respect and protect the civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights to all human beings (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 2016, p. 1).

Document one also includes the suggestion of performing a risk assessment to help prevent aggression (NSW Ministry of health 2015, p. 4). Evaluating and assessing a patient’s emotions, behaviours and communication is essential to determine if they are potentially violent (Muir-Cochrane, Barkway & Nizette, D 2014, p. 89). It is also important to
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