Extracurricular Activities In Schools Essay

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Can being involved in extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school help students increase their chances of doing well during school? Many people in school, no matter what age or grade one may be in, are involved in some type of extracurricular. Of this same group, however, some only participate due to their guardians deciding what they will be involved in as a child. Whether it be attached to the school they attend or not, many people aren’t aware of the many positive effects that extracurriculars may have on their own self, or their child. An integral part of extracurriculars are the students themselves. Without the students showing if they are able to further develop any life skills while participating in the activity, then the teachers and coaches of the like will continue to provide a means for this activity to take place, making everything that any student learns while partaking in this activity useless and not worth any students time. While being involved in extracurricular activities can help boost one’s confidence in the activity they choose to be participating in, during school the activity can also help develop an individual’s sense of learning and sense of being that they would not get the chance to experience otherwise. One of the many important qualities that a student can develop while in school is their personality which can evolve from participating in extracurriculars. In the article “A Dual Step Transfer Model: Sport and Non-Sport

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