The Importance Of Family A Family

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In 2012 Zach Wahls, now author and civil rights advocate for the LGBTQ community, presented a speech to the Democratic National Convention. In his dialogue, he gave insight into his normal family and the lives of the people who raised him; his mothers Jackie and Terrie (Griffith, 2014). Wahls cited that his family was like any other normal American family that ate together, shared chores and enjoyed spending quality time together, and thus initiated a conversation about family normalcy (Griffith, 2014). What makes a family a family? There are few defining characteristics such as living together, caring for any dependents and maintaining a close intimate relationship however, as we progress and encounter various social changes these factors evolve and can vary from culture to culture. The U.S Census Bureau defines the family unit as “two or more people living together who are related by birth, marriage or adoption” (Lofquist et al., 2012). This definition fails to consider families who don’t fit this mold. As Wahls mentioned in his testimony, his family consists of himself and his loving parents however a Lesbian Civil Union is not encapsulated into the definition provided by the Census Bureau. All families carry out important functions that ensures the survival of society (Benokraitis, 2015). These roles include sexual activity, procreation and socialization, economic stability, emotional safeguards, and social class placement. With definitions that limit the family, it is
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