The Importance Of Family Relationships In 'Rocket Boys'

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Family is the most important thing a person has which is why family relationships a number one in keeping a family together and happy. To have a strong family you need to have respect, not pick favorites, treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Family is all you have in the long run and they will always be there when maybe you do not think they will but they always have you back. Just like in Rocket Boys the dad was very tough and sometimes things were not always perfect the the Hickman Family.
Homer Sr began to pick sides very early in the book because he was more proud of his son Jim being an all star football player where as Homer Jr was a nerd who wanted to build a rocket. Homer Sr would pay a lot more attention to Jim which made Jr very sad and upset and he started disliking his father early on because of that. It started tearing the family about because he would not like his dad because he would pick sides but he would also not like his brother because he was getting all of the attention and Jr was very jealous about that.
“To get out of here, you’ve got to show your dad you’re smarter than he thinks. I believe you can build a rocket. He doesn’t. I want you to show him I’m right and he’s wrong. Is that too much to ask?” This quote was a conversation between Homer Jr and his mother Elise and at the beginning of the quote is talks about “ To get out of here” which shows he wants to leave and go somewhere else and a cause would be because a poor relationship with

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