The Importance Of Family Structure In Middle Childhood

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One of the greatest needs for a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional/social development is family structure; or as Kathleen Berger states in Invitation to the Life Span (2012), “Harmony and stability… is especially crucial in middle childhood: Children cherish safety and stability....” Therefore, the functionality of a family plays a major role in the future of a child’s well being. This is especially true in the dynamics between the mother and father, because as Berger goes on to state,
Some families function well, others are dysfunctional. Function is more important than structure, although harder to measure. Some family functions are needed by everyone at every age, such as love and encouragement. Beyond that, what people need from their families differs depending on how old they are: Infants need responsive caregiving, teenagers need guidance, young adults need freedom, the aged need respect (Berger 2012).
What is more, the dysfunction of families is not that uncommon in the life a child. For example, some children experience family dysfunction in middle childhood as their parents’ marriage crumbles and eventually ends in divorce. This process becomes a major stressor in the child’s life, creating long-lasting potential effects on the child’s development. Therefore, this type of stressor can stunt a child’s development, have a range of impacts depending on the child’s age, and yet, children can become amazingly resilient even when their parents divorce. First of

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