The Importance Of Fast Food

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Food is essential for everyone. While, foods that don't have as many good nutrients compared to fast foods. This concern of fast food has been growing ever since there is a high risk of obesity and diabetes. The main concern is how people in society are now focusing more towards fast foods. There are ideas of fixing society to stray away from bad nutritious foods like foods being produced by fast food companies. Although, fast food is available and accessible everywhere, it causes health issues; therefore we should stray away from fast foods . There are alot of availability for fast foods compared to healthy foods. There are many that stray into fast foods because of the availability and the time. The time is an issue because of how some individuals just do not have the time to either wait at a restaurant to cook their food, or to cook their own meals. When fast foods are being produced in every block in the area, it causes competition for each other, which creates prices for the meals to go down for the best for your buck meal. If there was a tax on fast food, this would allows obesity and diabetes rates to go down, additionally with the tax being helped it can help make healthier foods cheaper. People stray into fast foods usually b/c it is fast and allows individuals to have time to finish their things throughout the day.While people that are getting taxed from fast foods, it could possibly come back into farmers to produce healthier foods. At this current moment, many

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