The Importance Of Fracking

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Interests, attitudes, and values say who one is because everybody has different interests, attitudes and values. Take a brother and sister for example they were raised in the same house but one could become a scientist and the other could become a lawyer. Everyone has different things they take seriously. For example some may have a positive view on fracking and believe it’s safe, while others may have a negative view on fracking and see it as dangerous. Everyone has different interests some are more interested in helping other people. Some are more interested in doing research to find out new things about the world and the universe. Others like to use tools to build, repair, assemble, invent. The list could go on for a long time. Many people have different attitudes. Some are more positive while others are negative. Knowing your attitude and keeping it in check are important to having a…show more content…
If your interest is in the medicine research industry but you are against animal testing. You will probably find a career that does not do animal testing but still does medicine researching. It's okay to have different values. Its also important to know what they are. If you value good job security then you might not want to become an actor. Its also extremely important to know your interests. They are what make you choose what you want to do. Without your interests How would you know what job to do later in life? Would you just do multiple jobs, never really enjoying any of them?

The relationship between personality and career choice is everything. If you are a very impatint person and you don't enjoy talking to people. You most likely will not get a job as a customer service representative. Personality is a very big reason you may choose one job over the other. If you don't enjoy working with children then you will not become a teacher. If you do enjoy working with children then you probably will become a
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