The Importance Of Happiness

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Happiness should mean something different to everyone. What does happiness even mean? Does everything think the same when they hear happiness. I do not believe that happiness means the same thing to everyone. To me happiness means to be happy, smiling, laughing, being with my friends these are all things that mean happiness and make me happy. Whenever i'm with my best friends we are always having an amazing time. Whatever we are doing were laughing, talking and having a great time. To me that makes me happy but it could mean something different to someone else. Happiness doesn't mean the same thing to everyone because everyone has their own opinion and everyone is unique in their own way of believing what they think. Should being skinny, rich and in a relationship consider if your happy or not?. In today's society people have to be skinny, rich and in a great relationship to make them confident and happy.. Every day on tv I see advertisements for the gym and all these shakes that could make people skinnier. Does those advertisements make them go on a diet? Yes it does, it totally does. If someone sees on the tv that there faster than the person on the screen they freak out and say that they need to lose weight. So they go to the gym, eat healthy, and try to lose weight. To me that doesnt make me happy. People should be confident and happy that they are healthy and not worry about if there skinner than someone else. People also believe that being rich makes

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