The Importance Of Happiness In Relationships

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Many individuals go through life looking to achieve a state of well-being called happiness. This state of well-being exceeds just an optimistic mood, it encompasses living a great life with deep satisfaction and meaning. In order to achieve happiness the main ingredient is a healthy relationship. A relationship is the state of two people being connected. Out of the many emotions that humans develop, love is the most profound. People seek love in relationships which leads to a cake full of happiness. When relationships fail so does happiness, whereas where relationships grow so does the positive happiness. Humans can be quite selfish, for they rely on others to feel happy. There is much evidence to suggest that relationships create happiness. Some of the evidence includes social connections, the quality of the close relationships, and lastly, good relationships protect the brain. To begin, The Harvard Study of Adult Development is one of the longest studies of adult life. Robert Waldinger, the fourth director of the study is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and zen priest. Him and many other researchers have studied the entire lives of 724 men. The study began from when the individuals being studied were teenagers all the way to old age. The purpose was to see what truly kept people healthy and happy. About 60 of the original 724 men are still currently alive and still participating. Every two years the researchers ask them questions. The men they studied consisted of two
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