Value Of Hard Work Essay

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Hard work equals success in many people's eyes. Experiencing work with family, school, and in the workplace has shown me the importance of hard work and dedication. Along with with that, I have gained responsibility, experience, and balance. Although my experience has shown me the importance of hard work and dedication, it has also helped me distinguish the risk of how the the value of work can be taken for granted. I have not always had the right attitude towards work as a whole, but I have learned to love the idea and application of it; with exceptions. As a child, up until a certain point, I have always worked with my father in the restaurant business. My dad fell in love with the restaurant business when he was younger. His dream was to own as many restaurants as he could. The business started off small, but his dream came true overtime. We went from waking up every morning in the summer selling tacos; to waking up and prepping for opening at “Hit The Spot Cafe”. I hated waking up so early, but my dad said I didn't have a choice. He gets up every day whether he feels like it or not. My father has always worked nonstop, and he's the type to keep himself busy. Over the years I've learned within my experience growing up in such a business, and possibly most; it can be tough. Working with my dad taught me the value of working hard. His dedication inspired me to wish to become just as focused with work. In all of the jobs I've acquired outside of my dad's business, I gave
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