The Importance Of Health Care In The Community

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Nurses have always cared about people, families and communities in their practice. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of nurses working outside the hospital, mainly in community settings that focus on individuals and families. There is also a growing emphasis on community-centered nursing care with the community as a client. The growth of a healthy community is a lifelong process, which requires constant nutrition and persistence. (Plianbangchang, 2014).Everyone has a role to play in building a healthier and more vibrant community. The choices we make at home, work, school, play and worship determine most of what creates the personal health and vitality of the community. To a large extent it is about how we spend our time, dollars and talents. But it is also about how we create the configurations in our communities that help generate positive change. Healthy communities require inspired leadership and action from every corner of our communities.
Demographic changes, changes in disease patterns, increase in chronic diseases that cause underestimated medical expenses, a reform in the health financing system and a renewed focus on health promotion open up new opportunities to provide community care in community environments. Health care in the context of the community represents an alternative way of providing health care. Our commitment to the individual, the family and the community is to support them for healthy activities designed to promote healthy

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