Assignment 5 NURS 434 Community 2

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Community health nursing is a vocation; striving to improve the health of the community by promoting, stabilizing and protecting the health of individuals, families and identified aggregates. We are able to have the furthest reach when we can isolate a specific deficit of an aggregate through assessment and subsequently the development of a community support program. Community support programs promote health, access to services and self-advocacy.
I have identified the aging population (greater than 55 years of age) in Chatham/Kent, Ontario (in a community I am familiar and work within); a population on the rise and with minimal government and Ministry of Health support that enables seniors to maintain quality of life, …show more content…

Staffing – recruitment and training of a volunteer base (at no additional cost).
The “Seniors’ on a Path to Fitness” program would use the behavioral or lifestyle approach. The Lalonde Report was the first time the national government made a significant statement in relation to the importance of health promotion as a key strategy for improving the health of a population (Stamler & Yiu, 2012). Health promotion encourages the adoption of behaviours or lifestyles that promote functional ability and well-being; undoubtedly in line with the goal and objectives of the proposed program. There is a clear focus on disease and disability prevention with behavioral or lifestyle risk factors. The principal strategies that encompass the behavioural or lifestyle approach include: health education, health communication, social marketing, behaviour modification and regulatory measures. These tactics would be applied throughout the planning and implementation of the program.
Collaboration is the essence of community health practice (Vollman, Anderson, & McFarlane, 2012, pg. 292). Collaboration prevents duplication of effort, creating more publicity and credibility than accomplished alone and achieving maximum power on health promotion. Collaborators within the “Seniors’ on

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