The Importance Of High Quality Nursing Care Delivery

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The importance of high quality nursing care delivery has been renowned since the beginning of the practice of nursing. The minimum staffing ratio represents the ratio that is required to provide a safe and quality care to patients. Safe staffing ratio is based on the setting of minimum number of staff to patient for each type of care unit based on patient classification, acuity of patients to adjust the legislated minimum ratios. There are several factors that can affect the quality of care, nurses provide. Some of the factors that affect the quality of care include the nursing staff’s expertise, availability of support personnel, effective communication between the health care team and more over nurse to patient ratio. There are several…show more content…
In recent years there has been an increasing need for more registered nurses in hospitals and other healthcare settings due to increasing severity of illness, complexity of care and shorter length of stay (Welton, 2007). Studies found that hospitals with low staffing be likely to have higher incidence of poor patient outcomes. Also Poor nurse staffing affects not only the patient, but the employee as well. Inadequate staffing increases nurse’s work load, dissatisfaction and it decreases job retention and overall patient care (Martin, 2015). It has been found out that job dissatisfaction among nurses in U.S. is four times higher than the average rate for all other U.S. workers , and one in five nurses inform that they are aiming to quit their job with in a year. Insufficient nurse staffing leads not only to adverse patient outcomes, but also increases nurse burnout (Martin, 2015). As we know in 2008 Medicare and Medicaid established new guidelines related to Medicare hospital payments for their patient outcomes. Some of the eight conditions which Medicare or Medicaid wouldn’t reimburse include in-hospital falls with injury, catheter related urinary tract infection, bed soars etc (Brooks, 2007). With the reduction of staff, these conditions can get worse and hospitals may loose more money than they can save by cutting down the staff. Past ten years of studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between
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