The Importance Of Higher Education

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College affordability is an important aspect to the United States educational system. Not only should public K-12 education be important, postsecondary education should also be easily available to everyone. Higher education should revert back to being seen as a public good. There is a great need to look back to the bipartisan legislation and cooperation that lead to college affordability, which in result, paid off economically. The importance of higher education policies and the consistent role of the government is once again considered in order to address what should be done to alleviate student burden.
Importance of higher education policies
As S. Daigle, Chief of Staff for Texas State Representative Donna Howard, states, it is important for everyone, regardless of economic status to have the opportunity to an education (personal communication, October 20, 2017). Supporting students would promote actively engaged students that stimulates the nation’s economy, while creating explicitly well-educated voting citizens. Recent legislation and policymaking has lost interest in higher education and providing many with a change of affordable education. It is crucial that bipartisan legislation occur as a way to create reform in the devastating student loan crisis.
Examining the role of the states can be comprehended through studies of the diversity of students, states, and even the inefficiency rates of higher education institutions. A closer look at more than

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