The Importance Of Hometowns

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Growing up in a large city can provide children with important lessons on diversity and allow them to explore incessantly. Growing up on a coast or near a mountain range supplies opportunities such as hiking, swimming, and other great outdoor activities you may not find elsewhere. Unlike both of these, I was raised in a small midwestern town with seemingly very little to do; however, this small town has helped shape who I am today. Hometowns can provide many meaningful experiences important to one's’ development and that is what Smithton, Illinois has done for me. I believe that my hometown of Smithton, Illinois played a vital role in helping me develop my sense of creativity. Living in a neighborhood outside of town I often ran out of things to do, but luckily my best friend lived up the street. We were young, creative, and a little reckless which led to a lot of fun. Directly behind my house were the woods, a ceaseless amount of trees, brush, and bugs. After walking and exploring for a few minutes, the trees eventually diverge and there is a humongous downhill path. My bestfriend and I saw this hill has a great opportunity; soon, we had a mission to build ramps so we could jump over a monstrous brush pile at the bottom of the hill. We spent plenty of time seeking action and trouble as the adrenaline-junkie kids we were. Nevertheless, living in a small town means you have plenty of boundaries and a finite number of opportunities. For this reason we soon grew bored of

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