The Importance Of Honor Code

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Honor Code

Do you believe that it is important to have an honor code in your school? An academic honor code or honor system is a set of rules or ethical principles governing an academic community based on ideals that define what constitutes honorable behavior within that community. I believe that Fairmont Heights High School should not have a honor code, because the administration will not enforce the policy, the students will not obey it, and it will be a distraction to schools..

I strongly believe that we should not have a honor code, because the administration will not enforce the policy. At the beginning of every year students are given the student handbook, this handbook is given to create a structure for how to students should …show more content…

Most schools that have an honor code, look for students that are willing to comply and students that actually value the honor code. In my opinion, I feel as though the schools should be developing a system, to better the students they already have. According to “New honor code for new generations”, most schools employ honor codes to create communities amongst students that loathe cheating. Now, this isn’t a bad idea, but why not meet the students where they are, cater to the learning abilities that way cheating wouldn’t be an issue. Furthermore, hearing that a school has an honor code, just gives the school a good image. But what is important is making sure that the kids learn the information so they wouldn’t have to cheat at all. That is a goal all schools should be striving …show more content…

Having a honor code takes a lot of responsibility, and that responsibility has to be added onto the administration, which can barely handle what they already are responsible for. Also. the students won’t follow the honor code. They believe that violating the honor code, to make sure their grade is ok is a reasonable action. Furthermore, instead of creating an honor code, schools should cater to the needs of the students so that cheating won’t be a problem. If cheating is not a problem, then there is no need for an honor

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