Age Restrictions In Horror Films

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Nowadays horror films have age restrictions that are ridiculously too young. People do not realise that horror films could have such massive, negative impacts on those who view the content. If a child is clearly seen as immature and undeveloped, horror films should be absolutely none of the child's business. The child is most to be unable to identify what is real and fake from the film, leaving the child to be worried and distort from the intensity of the film. I believe that the viewers of horror films are predominantly those of the teenaged community. Unfortunately, sometimes teenagers are looked up upon from those who are younger. Influencing the children to take on actions that are not necessarily positive. There are many consequences that are introduced by watching horror films. Which may include ; paranoia and could even inspire someone to commit devastating crimes. There are many films that are wrongfully age restricted and should be restricted older.

There are many films that are age restricted far too young. Age restrictions should be deeply thought about by those who make and produce the films and by parents who allow their children to watch horror films.

An example of a horror film that is age restricted ridiculously too young is the film Insidious. The film title alone should be alarming for parents to allow their child or children to watch as the word ‘Insidious’ is defined to mean “the proceeding to do something which results in a negative impact”. The film

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