To Kill A Mockingbird Censorship

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Over the year's music, books, movies and television shows have gotten graphic. A lot of entertainment as explicit content. Whether that means sexual activities, physical violence, inappropriate language or lyrical content. Due to the increase libraries, radio stations, television shows and movies are censored, not shown or available to read/watch. The writers and musicians work is being thrown out and not appreciated at all. The work that was put into creating and writing the content is wasted. It is with this that comes where will the line of what is and is not okay disappears. Once the line is gone all songs, books, movies and television shows are taken away for the tiniest of things. It will be books like Of Mice and Men, Lord of The Flies or To Kill a Mockingbird that gets pulled from shelves. By taking books away kids and teens a deprived from learning about historical books. The future kids and teens would never read books their grandparents read. It changes how english classes are taught, how people think. How will a person learn about racism during the Great Depression without To Kill a Mockingbird. That book while it has words that shouldn’t be said and read by young minds is important. To Kill a Mockingbird is a staple in American literature. How will teens be taught about political corruption when Lord of The Flies is taken away. The book teaches teens that when taken and put in an uncontrolled environment people go insane. It could easily be taken away…show more content…
All it will do is make them want to watch the movie more. Rating and cencering a movie is easy but, stopping underaged people from watching is hard. Just because the rating is put on the movie and a age is applied doesn’t mean kids and teens won’t watch it at all. What adults aren’t seeing is that youth listen to everyone. Youth picks up on things and can easily learn about explicit
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