The Importance Of Horror Movies

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When I was younger my parents used to scare me and my siblings by saying a lot of stuff. They used to say the devil will come get us if we were acting badly. Whenever we were bad my parents used to put on scary movies to get us scared so we would listen. Another thing they would say is that someone will kidnap us if we didn’t stay close to them at the grocery store or any store for that matter. The experiences I had with being scared when I was little about the devil, kidnappers, etc have made me want to watch horror movies to face my fears .There are many reasons why people watch horror movies. Stephen King states, three things that are correct: we watch horror movies to face our fears tand to get that certain adrenaline rush, how we go to watch horror movies to have a peculiar sort of fun and to feel normal about ourselves. First of all, humans do watch horror movies to face the fears they have. “Strawberry Springs” is a perfect example of how we crave horror “ to show that we can” (King, “Why We”1). We can really relate to the narrator, the victims and the events that occurred in “Strawberry Spring”, but we’re able to feel normal about our lives when the story gets unusual. A Lot of things that are in the story can be relatable to a lot of people young or old. The narrator connects with the younger audience when he talks about “busting his brains on essay[s]”, many young students feel this way when it comes to essays or any type of school work (King, “Strawberry Spring”

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