The Importance Of Human Rights In Tourism Development

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Human rights are important to each individual. These are the rights that protect individuals from being violated. This include discrimination, slavery and displacement. Cole and Erikson (2010) has set out here obligations on what define as human rights. The first one is to respect the freedom and dignity of an individual. Everybody in the universe should have the right to do whatever they want. They should not be controlled or tortured. Secondly, is to protect them against third parties. Third parties in here means drug dealers or gangsters that make use of people for their own illegal business purposes. Human trafficking, for example is a serious violation of human rights. It is now rather common in sex tourism, where mostly children and women from developing countries are being forced to do sex work (Walters and Davis, 2011). This has now brought to attention to the public as a violation of human rights. It is arguable that these children and women that are suffering deserve a much better life rather than participating in sex work.
The UDHR, which is established in 1948, is to ensure that individual’s rights are protected no matter of their race, sex, religion, gender, ethnicity and culture (Nkyi and Hashimoto, 2015). Throughout chapter twelve of the textbook, Nkyi and Hashimoto (2015) highlight some of the human right issues in tourism development. Some of the common human right issues including the unfair treatment of people, employment violations. This will be all

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