The Importance Of Human Rights

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What can be considered as a human right? As quoted “Human rights are moral rights possessed by all human beings simply in virtue of their humanity.” Human rights are entitled to all human beings disregarding everything that divides and splits one human being from another. Things like religion and nationality can’t take away ones right to be considered a human.
In the case of A v Secretary of State for the Home Department however, also known as the Belmarsh 9 case, it seemed like Human rights were not given any attention at all. “The case concerned the indefinite detention of foreign prisoners in the United Kingdom prison ‘Belmarsh’. The prisoners were held without trial under section 23 of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. This decision and the subsequent detentions were challenged at court in terms of their compatibility with the aims of the European Convention on Human Rights.” This act directly breaches article 6 of European Convention of Human Rights “Right to a fair trial”. 9 men allegedly were considered a threat to national security, so they were about to be deported from the country, but until the deportation took place they were held and seized under the Anti- Terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001. “Section 4 of this act enabled the individuals to be held indefinitely, without trial or deportation.” “However, the power was only applied to non-British nationals. Under section 25 of this Act, they had the right to appeal to the Special

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