The Importance Of Imagination In Frankenstein

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Imagination is an attribute which every human being holds. It is an essential part of the human mind which, when used effectively, can spawn the most extraordinary of ideas. It may, however, be used in a way that fuels ones’ narcissistic tendencies, creating a cause for many problematic and devastating situations. This means that one may praise their own interests or abilities to an extent where they make assumptions about the future and look at their actions in a positive light, when in reality they are jeopardizing themselves and others around them by refusing to fully understand or question the consequences of said actions. Furthermore, ones imaginations can also be a cause for anxiety. If someone were to actually think of the many consequences which a specific event may have on their life, it would likely be a great cause for concern. In some instances, one may feel overwhelmed with such worry and act without taking into consideration what it is they are acting on, while at other times may feel so certain about their decisions that they simply assume they are making the right choice. In this sense, they may willingly embrace the future with open arms, but be disappointed by the outcome. The story of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley greatly demonstrates this idea that someone who is ever so certain about what truly is uncertain may envision a future that represents their wants and desires and accept it until they are faced with reality, at which point they will reject.

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