The Importance Of Imunization In An Immigrant Family

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People deserve a fresh start and a healthy environment no matter the race, gender or religion. Immigrant families have many health problems and education problems before coming to America. This Community Project is for the parents of infants in an immigrant family by helping to educate the parents about the importance of immunization for the infants, giving them the resources they need to ensure that they are healthy, informing the parents about local citizenship classes, and how they can earn it. In many ways, this will benefit both sides, for the Americans and for the immigrants. By educating the parents about immunization for their infant, this will help them to understand things about health care in the U.S and to inform them on the care their infants need. Many infants and children have diseases and sicknesses that the parents may not know about. In order to stay in the U.S your child must be tested for any type of disease, and depending on what kind you will not be able to stay here or it could be cured over time. If the infant or child has a curable sickness or disease then the parent will be informed on future information for this process. For the parents to be able to get help for their infant who is sick or ill, they will need to go to their local health department to get pamphlets and they provide these in other languages if they can not speak english. This will tell them the local clinics they can go to for the care they need, and also if the parents are

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