The Importance Of Inclusive Learning And Teaching

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Gove argue that Teachers' opinions and views of mainstream inclusion, as well as details of their experiences, including the support and strategies they use to manage students generally, have been explored. These literature reviews give a greater insight into the inclusive learning environment and help to develop teaching experience and understanding for future years. Gove, M. (2010).
Why inclusive learning and teaching? Higher Education is more diverse than it has ever been especially in my placement. I know that different groups of students have different rates of completion and attainment. I need to make sure that the learning, teaching, and assessment at Oxford Brookes do not disadvantage any groups of students and allows all students to reach their potential. What do I mean by inclusive? With a greater emphasis today on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) I should revisit my teaching and engage with the learning needs of all students by adopting inclusive pedagogies. By inclusive, I mean valuing the contribution of students regardless of their backgrounds and appreciating the contributions of different value systems. Inclusive learning and teaching benefit all students by drawing on the strengths of students from different backgrounds. (Dimbleby, J. 2006)
As a teacher, adopting Inclusive learning is crucial because learners have different ways or level of assimilation. By assessing my learners, I can plan my teaching to include the different profiles of my learners. Knowing or establishing the profiles of my learners allows me to accept them and also prepare my teaching and learning methods to include the different profiles of my learners.
Within the learning environment, setting ground rules is necessary. Ground rules set the expectation and also bring order to the classroom. Ground rules could be set around class management, punctuality, the use of mobile phones in class, talking while lessons are going on, respecting other people's opinions and properties in class and confidentiality in class. Method of setting ground rules could be done by discussing and agreeing with learners in the class, using posters at vantage points in class, using eye-catching power-point presentations. When the ground
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