The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Advances in technology and globalization has revolutionized the way businesses around the world communicate and operate. It is crucial for businesses to have good managers who can maintain an effective and efficient flow of communication within the team, between departments and across management levels to develop interpersonal relations and enhance productivity. For communication to be effective, the sender must design the content of the message with clear and precise words so that the target audience can interpret the meaning without misunderstanding (Lear et al.,2015). Target audience in the current workplace is highly diverse, coming from varying cultural background, sexual orientation, experience and abilities. Managers need to respect every employee’s viewpoint and give equal consideration while communicating so that an inspirational workplace is created nurturing creativity and innovation of the employees (Bassett-Jones, Brown & Cornelius, 2007). Moreover, managers need to tap into the latest techniques, tool, strategies and technologies available in the market to develop and enhance organizational communication.
“Communication is a complex process where many variables must be considered, ensuring that the message conceived, encoded, and sent by the author is the same message that is decoded and understood by the recipient” (Lear, Hodge, and Schulz, 2015, p. 66). The sender’s message is transmitted through written, oral, listening, non-verbal and electronic channels

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