The Importance Of Investing In Stock Market

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Investing in StockTrak was a very interesting process. This is the first time I have ever invested in the market. I had a total of 93 trades this semester, a lot of which were made up of equity trades. I traded mostly the big name equities like Apple and Google at first and slowly started to do more research and start to trade other equities and instruments. Other instruments that I used to trade were mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, and future options.
The most successful financial instruments were futures and options. I made $350,000 by trading indices futures which is the only reason my portfolio made money. The other types of futures I did not do so well on because as soon as they would start losing money I would sell them and …show more content…

The stock plummeted and bounced back up to the price I bought it for and then went right back down. The next time it got back up to the price I bought it for, I sold them all and then shorted 500 shares. That was another mistake because I then lost $10,000 because the stock price went up.
The other huge mistake I made in the beginning was buying a lot of stock from Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OPNT). I bought 750 shares of OPNT because I read an article about the company doing research on a new drug. Also, the historical data was showing that company’s stock was increasing incredibly fast, which is why I bought so many shares. Again, I ended up buying the stock at the high point and it was only downhill from there. I lost $20,000 in the first week but I was determined that the stock would eventually go back up so I held on to it. I only sold it when I had lost $70,000 and then decided to move on to a different instrument that maybe I would have more luck on.
I decided to focus in on futures because you could invest in futures with little cash actually invested. I bought a lot of different types of futures but the only ones that were successful was my indices futures. I made $350,000 by investing in S&P E-mini futures and the Dow Jones futures. These two futures saved my portfolio from failure. I started out with only 5 of each and ended my portfolio with around 20-30 futures of each.
When looking at the excel spreadsheet that analyses my

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