The Importance Of Job Statement

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In five years I see myself living in an apartment and or small townhouse. I would have finished my masters program and would be working at a firm for one year. One of the qualities that sets me apart of the general stereotype of millennials is that I plan once I start working for a company to stay there as long as I am allotted. This not only show my employees my loyalty and schuss for the company but it also offers some benefits that would not be presented if I were to work at a company fro a short amount of time then bounce of company to company. With that being said a business project manger median salary is $94,874 if I were to stay in Lakeland the median salary is $72,121. This data would be very influential in what amount of money…show more content…
Putting my money toward an asset is much more satisfying because it is not a short term satisfaction it is knowing that you are taking the money that you are earning to further your livelihood in one way or another. Credit score not only influences many aspects of your life, but depending on your credit score depends on the flexibility of your livelihood. Forecasting my credit score to begin the 740-799, the likely hood of being able to rent the apartment or townhouse of my choosing is very likely. Due to having a great credit score which all ensures the landlord that I will be providing him or her a check every month that wont bounce and be the correct amount. While researching insurance I realized that there are many factors that are considered by insurance company when dictating the amount that you will pay in both car and home insurance. One of those factors that was surprising is that per state for home insurance there is huge differences between states pertains to cost. Other factors are considered when purchasing car insurance such as age and gender. One of things that insurance copy tend to do is charge higher rates to young drivers, due to the likelihood of something happening, a accident. When renting an apartment you have monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, water if it is not already factored into the monthly rent. Another expense is renters insurance in
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