The Importance Of Knowledge And Truth. Truth And Knowledge

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The Importance of Knowledge and Truth Truth and knowledge are important traits that society should value in order to avoid ignorance. Without truth nor knowledge, society will be unable to function properly. Ignorance is very dangerous, for we can be easily manipulated by false information, and we will likely take the first piece of information given to us as fact rather than question it, and come to our own conclusions. If people don’t seek truth and knowledge, we run the risk of becoming intellectually blind in ignorance. Society should seek truth and knowledge, because, without those traits we are unable to tell the difference between misinformation and what is true, hence imprisoning ourselves in ignorance due to lack of knowledge.…show more content…
Basically, this will cause the students to become ignorant because of their beliefs of thinking they have a certain amount of intelligence, and likely won’t obtain the knowledge needed to avoid the ignorance. Similarly, Plato, shares this view. In Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” he mentions that “The world of our sight is like the habitation in prison […]” (3). in other words, thinking that your house, or an area you live in, is the entire world you know, then you’re being ignorant. Rather than becoming ignorant, and thinking that the world is just your home, you could go outside, just as the prisoner did, and explore what the world truly is. That if you were willing to obtain the knowledge about the world, just as how the prisoner learned that the shadows weren’t just shadows but something else entirely, then you are breaking free of that prison by expanding your sight and learning more about the world than to stay in the prison of your home. Overall, these Plato and Dweck ideas relate to one another as they address the dangers of ignorance, and the importance of obtaining knowledge to avoid it. The author of “Brainology, Carol S. Dweck is known for her work on the mindset psychological trait. Basically, the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, and just does these two mindsets work.
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