The Importance Of Language And Communication

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Language and communication are the reason why we are able to speak to one another, learn from one another, and form our own opinions and thoughts. Being able to speak and understand what is being said is a daily function everyone relies on. Using language to communicate allows us to express to one another, even if that person is from a different country. Language is “our spoken, written, or signed words and the ways we combine them to communicate meaning” (Myers, 2017, p. 318). Language is the foundation how we communicate to one another. The building blocks of language consist of phonemes, morphemes, and grammar (Myers, 2017, p. 319). Phonemes are small sound units in language, morphemes are small units that carry meaning, and grammar is a system of rules that help us to communicate to each other (Myers, 2017, p. 319). Each building block brings together the complexity of language built by simplicity (Myers, 2017, p. 319). Language develops as individuals continue throughout life and become older. Learning language is crucial for infants, being able to recognize sounds in their everyday lives. These sounds begin to become words and their intelligence begins to blossom very quickly. “Language is a two- way process that involves sending information (language production) and receiving information (language comprehension)” (Wessinger, 2017, page 1). We are able to comprehend what we may not have learned before, and eventually become more intelligent with age. As Mohan says,
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