The Importance Of Learning A Secondary Language

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The vast majority of the people residing in the valley, especially in the city of Brownsville, Texas are fluent in both Spanish and English, and therefore considered bilingual. Brownsville has been considered a highly illiterate and poorly educated city, where learning a secondary language such as English, drastically changes those discriminating statistics. The argument is that learning a secondary language indeed supports literacy development from an early age, by reading aloud to children, making them participants of a learning incentive, and family literacy practices. A development in literacy significantly increases reading achievement test scores, helps students become better at grammatical judgment and word recognition, and improves their cognitive development.
In the article “Learning to Read across Languages: Cross-Linguistic Relationships in First- and Second-Language Literacy Development” by Keiko Koda and Annette M. Zehler, showed that reading aloud to children in elementary schools, in a secondary language increases their phonological awareness as they relate their slight knowledge from their first language, and apply it to the new acquisition of the second. The authors claimed that “the field of second (L2) and foreign language reading has pursued an understanding of factors that impact the reading process, one of which is first language (LI) literacy.” To support their claim, the authors brought together theories and research on the interaction of languages,

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