Learning A Second Language Is Necessary

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Hundreds of years ago, people used to stay in their native land, get along with their compatriots, and speak in their native language. So nobody thinks that there is any reason to study a foreign language. However, things change nowadays. People have started to leave their hometown, go into the world, and make new friends all over the world. Although some still do not think learning a second language is necessary, the truth is learning foreign language is imperative. Travel is a common and acceptable reason why people need to know other languages. There are more than a hundred counties all over the world, and absolutely they are not using the same language. Although English is the language is the language most widely used on every side of the world, not everyone around the world can speak English. Otherwise, sometimes people will be more friendly if the local language is spoken, even if only the greetings are used. Language skills can also be improved by travel. Of course, it is difficult to learn 100 languages or deeply in a language in case of travel. Even so, some native using can only be learned where the language is used as a mother language. The more language you speak, the more convenient you travel around the world. Overseas commerce becomes more common these years, so the demand of understanding other language increases. To cut down the productive cost, companies tend to place the factory in the low-wage countries, such as China or Eastern Europe.
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