The Importance Of Life In Life

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What are some things most people live life without enjoying? Most of the time, it is the small things in life. Many people go through life, focusing on a big grand picture, but fail to enjoy the little moments in life that make them happy for just a second or will amuse them for awhile. In my opinion, if you live life worrying about what people think about you, or changing your lifestyle to fit in then you are not really enjoying life.
I know this to be true because when I first moved to Heath, I was trying to fit in with people and made myself more like them rather than show them who I truly am. I realized quickly that if they didn’t like me for me then they were not the people I should hang out with. When I got into high school, I was acting more like myself and was enjoying the little things that made me laugh or made others laugh. That ranged from being able to crack a joke sometimes to even just enjoying the music in the library and dancing a little to have some fun. I really think that no matter what we do in life there should always be some time to do things that are just fun and they don’t have to be on a big scale of events.
One of the things I do is I compete in different athletic events, and there are times that the guys from the team will all go do something and I will just take off and go on my own and sit to watch the world around me, listening as the world carries on. Something I know that I am guilty of is living life in the fast lane and not realizing

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