The Importance Of Life In My Life

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from then on my path was set. I had made my decision, I would run. Throughout my childhood I was always the short one. I could not say I was not athletic, but you would not see my making plays and scoring goals. I was always hesitant, worried for all of their safeties, worried for my own safety. Needles to say football was not my sport, but we will come back to that. I played almost every sport I could think of, I played Basketball, I played Baseball, I played Soccer, I played football, and almost every track event that they let me in. sadly, I wasn’t very good at any of them. Starting from the beginning, basketball, it is all a blur really, I was too young to truly take in any lessons and do not remember more than a single game. Then baseball came into the picture. I could play all day by myself without the slightest trouble. My height did not matter to this sport, I could pitch, catch, and hit. That is all I needed. I played Baseball for 5 years before I moved up in age and it became too intense. The ball went too fast, the kids were much older, and the field felt daunting which I had never experienced before. I did not know what to do except leave. Soccer fell somewhere in between the Baseball seasons. Well… a Four-wheeler crash condemned me to the goalie position, that was the end of soccer. Following in my brothers footsteps I joined a Football team. They told me during a scrimmage match that they needed their best players to win. That was one of the many games that I

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