The Importance Of Life In My Life

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When I was in fourth grade, the age of ten, I was an insecure little girl. I would be embarrassed by the littlest things. If I did not sit up straight in class, have the latest new clothes or have the coolest new gadgets as everyone else. I felt very different than everyone else. My parents were not happily married like everyone else. But there was something very different about me when I would run I would have sharp knife jabbing pains in my right foot, so I would run with a skip in between each stride. Mainly after school when I got home after gym class. I would cry to my mom the sharp knife pains and how I got picked on for how I ran. I would complain for endless hours. Once my mom got sick and tired of hearing about my pains she decided to take me to the podiatrist. After getting x rays on both of my feet, I was sitting in a patient's room staring at a gray wall for what felt like hours, every inch I move I hear the crinkling of the paper underneath me on the patient's table. The doctor comes in and tells me that I have two bones fused together (name of bones). He also told me I would need to have surgery and they will have to cut a piece of bone apart. I will be in a cast for six months and after that another long three months in an air cast. In that moment, the talking of the doctor and my mom goes into a white noise as I stare at the dingy white tile, I think that my life is over. The world was over to me, thoughts and emotion would come raging out of me. Thoughts

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