The Importance Of Life Changed My Life

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As an young boy you never really think about how your life can completely change forever. For me my childhood was filled with legos and beach days and eating all the junk food I could imagine. My young, sweet life was great. That’s it. Just great. I never really thought it would change into something that I would forever be stuck with. Something that would screw up my daily routine, my habits and hobbies, and most of all, my junk food. Type one Diabetes would attach its disgusting self to me and in my boyhood mind, ruin my life forever. I was just an eleven year old sixth grader. Too young to realize that my condition could change my life in a good way.
Diabetes is something that nobody wants to deal with. Especially a tween that plays four sports even juggling between two in the Fall. Could it really have happened to anyone else? As of this time, my life was over. I figured I wouldn’t be able to play any sports anymore. I wouldn’t have any friends because I would be known as the weird kid that stabs himself ten times a day. My family would abandon me because they would use thousands upon thousands of dollars just to help me. Or even I would be kicked out of my clash of clans clan because I wasn’t like everyone else. Little did I know my life would change drastically, but not in a completely bad way.
I did have to miss school for over a month. There were good and bad things about this month. Some good things were that I got to play clash of clans ten times more than I

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