The Importance Of Marriage And Family Counseling

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Mozell McQueen
Dr. Saundra Williams
PPC 102
10 December ember 2017
Marriage and family enrichment and family crisis counseling I’m on the family is most important open skills. A reasonable degree and all types of care and counseling is important. But in the area of family life, as in crisis in grief, the minister competence what is required. Four interrelated Factor Make It imperative that the pastor develop skills and marriage and family Care Counseling. First ministers are in a most strategy position to do family counseling and Council than any other profession. The context within which they function as Leaders of congregations provide frequent and natural on trees too many family systems. The professional role gives them continuous contact with couples and Families and succeeded three stages and squares point of the families life cycle. In the church youth work, and preparation for marriage and in weddings in calling in the homes of families, and then participate in many joyful and Soulful event the cycle of the families, Ministries have countless caring counseling opportunities. The role of ministers are as Educators enable them to teach relationship nurturing insights from our religious Trends Traditions as well as contemporary Communications and conflict resolution skills. Such teaching can help prevent family problems it also plant seeds that may flower in counseling opportunities with family crisis strike. Chair and ceremonies or talking on marriage and family

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