The Importance Of Masculine Vulnerabilities

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Men basically teach boys to "man up." Be strong, never show signs of weakness, handle your business, and simply have no fear. Women teach boys the difference between right and wrong. They instill a sense of pride in standing up for our beliefs and taking the proper actions in the face of adversity. To embrace spirituality, which is also enforced in connection with the church. That belief in a higher power regardless of religion gives boys an inner strength. Though these are generalities and teachings may be interchangeable, most teachings are administered from parents, family, friends, peers, idols, and heroes.

I want to now share many of my life's Masculine Vulnerabilities.

In elementary school, boys hung with the boys and girls did whatever they did with girls. We acted silly in class to get a laugh, talked loudly and generally didn't pay attention to the teacher. Back in the day, the teacher would give you a paddle if you got out of line and my 4th-grade teacher was no exception. Her method of punishment would make the student gather rulers from fellow students and then use that newly formed weapon on your hands. It was the same as mothers making you go outside and get a switch from a bush. I would watch as the "bad boys" would weep as this teacher would wail on their hand. Of course, after school, we would tease the bad boy by calling him a girl. I did everything I could to not get paddled, however, I knew deep down I wanted to see if I could take the pain

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