The Importance Of Medication In Education

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Interestingly, when I asked my cooperating teacher about medication, one student was not not being on task because he had not taken his medication. She told me medication can be a great and bad thing for students. The student I observed was not taking his medication, and was released from the hospital a few days ago. This student needs an adjustment to his medication, was not taking medication, the student acted poorly in class, which caused the student to rip and throw his papers in half, and he was sent to ABS. My cooperating teacher informed me the student was not meeting his daily points the whole week, and one day he only earned thirteen percent of his daily points. After the student left the classroom, she told me the downfall for students to not take their medication is students behaving poorly, not be able to function, and disrupting the learning environment of their own learning, and the learning of others. My teacher communicates with the nurse and the parents about medication her students take and to be aware of her students' learning behaviors. When students do take their medication, they are less likely to act inappropriate and can fully function in the classroom environment.
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