The Importance Of Meetings In The Marketing Industry

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My only real goal was to find an artist, any genre and standing within the industry, and to pitch them at a meeting. I was not given a set structure on how to pitch it, nor told what the company was looking for overall other than a marketable artist. It left a lot of inconsistencies and confusion for me. And since a lot of interns did not come in on Thursday’s, the days of the weekly publishing meetings, I did not have a set idea of what to do. It made me very uneasy about how to pitch artists, what type of artists to pitch, and what the company wanted from me in the meetings. Plus, the questions I asked were often not detailed and I was just told to find something I like and pitch it too many times. It was just very simple instructions …show more content…

Other than that, I did learn more about the industry than just in the context of work specific projects. I learned what and how to look into artists to see if they were published and if so who with. I learned great ways to find new and talented artists on a variety of different media platforms. It taught me more about the industry and the small tasks and interactions I experienced daily while under this department were more important to me than the work they provided. While I loved the projects given by marketing, I liked the experience I gained under the publishing branch more, and as time went on I went out of my way to learn more and ask more questions. The developed my individual thinking more and pushed me to work harder on seemingly simple tasks. Also, my typical office work was just as valuable to me as well. Although, probably the most mundane thing to do there, I learned how the office is run on a day-to-day. I learned a lot of ins and outs in the workplace that some other interns missed because they did not put themselves out there to do it. I also got to interact with more people in and out of the office while learning key functions of keeping a business like Primary Wave functioning. There were a lot of little things one does not really think about or think a business needs until you have to do it. Primary Wave was definitely an

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