The Importance Of Migration Into The United States

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Laws of immigration exist in many countries including the Unites States. To legally move into the United States one must have the government’s authorization to work and live in the country permanently. Those who do not have the authorization violate the law of immigration. That is considered illegal immigration.
Illegal immigration has become an issue to many Americans. The United
States does not have an accurate number of successful crossings. Per the Homeland
Security Website, a total of 129,122 people was apprehended and returned to their country of origin. In 2015, Mexico was the leading country of deportations with an estimate of 31 percent. Canada was estimated 18 percent of deportations. The
Philippines ranked third with 16 percent and …show more content…

Liberals argue that they have the same rights as those who were born in the United States.
Aging Americans benefit from the illegal workers and the United States’ economy benefits. Every year billions of dollars are collected by the Social Security
Administration. At times the administration does not know who paid because when employers send in the W-2 forms many social security numbers do not match with records. That money is hold off until the worker can prove the wages are theirs. This means that illegal immigrants are responsible for the increase of unclaimed social security and pay billions of taxes for retirement benefits that most likely they will not receive. The majority of that money ends up in the Social Security trust funds from which retirees benefit from. Stephen Goss, the chief actuary of the SS
Administration, estimates that immigrants paid $13 billion dollars in which they only received $1 billion in benefits. Gross said, “we estimate that earnings by unauthorized immigrants result in a net positive effect on Social Security …show more content…

That helps the economy tremendously.
In conclusion, illegal immigration has some positive effects on the United States’ economy. I could not fully identify with either a conservative or a liberal when it comes to illegal immigration. I agree with many conservative ideas. I know that crossing the border illegally does produce negative effects on our environment and I have seen photographs showing all the trash left behind. We come from various countries but we all share planet Earth and it is our duty to take care of it. Trash left behind has affected the wildlife in that area. But, I am biased since my parents were once illegal immigrants. My mother is from Guatemala and my father from Mexico. They immigrated to California many years ago, they do not have a GED diploma but they have worked so hard for many years, paid their taxes and never committed a crime.
They are now legal citizens. I do not see my parents as a burden to the United States and many other good

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