The Importance Of Millennials In The Workplace

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Recently, the debate about Millennials in the workplace has been on the rise due to the concern that the habits associated with Millennials will creep into the workplace and change the industry forever. In their recent works, Joel Stein (2013) of Time Magazine and John Crist (2017) of YouTube offer their opinion in this hot topic debate about Millennials and whether or not their habits benefit the workplace. The recent discussion about Millennials focuses on their habits and how they will affect the workplace while also focusing on the effect these habits hae in everyday life. Stein (2013) suggests that the habits of Millennial’s are continuation habits of previous generations that are going to bring positive changes to the workplace. On the other hand, Crist (2017) suggests that the habits of Millennials cause them to be lazy, entitled, and spoiled therefore bringing bad ideals to the workplace. My view is that the habits of Millennials will bring positive impacts to the workplace and change the workplace in a way that shapes it to not only fit the ideals of this generation, but also the ideals of the next generation. In the article Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation, Joel Stein (2013) defends the habits of the Millennials are argues for the positive impact they will have on the workplace. To make his point, he first begins by exploiting the negative aspects of the Millennial generation. He writes, “They are the most threatening and exciting generation since the baby

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