The Importance Of Motivation As A Teacher

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An Introduction to the Importance of Motivation
As explained by Lou Holtz, “[i]t’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” His statement is true for the importance of motivation. As a teacher candidate, learning the concept of motivation is crucial for my well-being and for the future of my students. The way that students are taught and encouraged have a huge impact on their careers and their life. In this paper I will be exploring how I was motivated during my earlier years and how the motivation shifted as my education progressed. I will also be discussing the theories that I believe would have benefited my learning experience from had they been implemented in the classrooms. In fact, the way that careers and …show more content…

Our schools had a special community for students who were athletes and it was a very friendly, outgoing, and fun environment and encouraged me to remain positive even if I did end up losing. I feel as if this feeling of belongingness was subconsciously an intrinsic and extrinsic motivator as it made it enjoyable that the entire team functioned together and fit seamlessly. The motivations kept my interest in the sports and to this day I appreciate the different experiences I gained through athletics in school.
On the other hand, I recognize that I was still motivated by my teachers’ and parents’ enthusiasm when I did well on exams and assignments. It was rewarding to see that I, as a first-generation immigrant, was able to do as well and sometimes better than my peers. My parents were not able to help me with my assignments majority of the time and I was still able to keep up with those who had more resources. That was another external motivator for me, knowing that my parents would feel accomplished that they were able to raise a child in the way that they hoped to. My parents only wish for me is to have the maximum opportunities as possible as someone who is Caucasian, even though they were not able to directly help with it. I did not see it as a competition, but rather that I was climbing steps that made it easier for my parents to bare with the difficulties that they were facing, living in a foreign place.
All three of the examples given

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