The Importance Of Motivation In Education

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Motivation and rewards are very important concepts in an effective educational system. Motivation is the driving force a person has to carry out activities and behaviors. Meanwhile, rewards are the benefits that a person receives or hopes to receive in completing the action or behavior thus providing motivation. This is why rewards are often implemented in education in order to motivate students to learn. However, not all rewards are the same as they can be separated into two different categories: intrinsic and extrinsic. In this paper I will argue that extrinsic rewards should not be heavily relied upon in schools as a motivator for academic success.
Before understanding the problems with extrinsic rewards being used in education, it
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Extrinsic rewards are often utilized within classrooms today. Excellent examples of this would be students receiving candy or gold star stickers for getting answers correctly. These rewards undoubtedly promote motivation for students which explains why educators use them however, I would argue that frequent use of these rewards can be problematic. Some concerns about the frequent use of extrinsic rewards is that it can diminish a student 's intrinsic motivation or drive for intrinsic rewards (Bear, Slaughter, Mantz, & Farley-Ripple, 2017). Thus a student who was once prideful of their success and driven by a longing to learn could then become instead more concerned and driven by the rewards they are given for their successes.
This reminds of a story from a lecture Dr. Schuh presented during my class in Educational Psychology. She told us about a story from when her daughter was in kindergarten. She explained that her daughter was very excited and motivated to learn during her start to kindergarten. However, half way through the school year the teacher began implementing a token economy into the classroom. In this system the teacher implemented a currency of sorts in the classroom in which students could purchase items such as candy and small toys with the tokens they received for success and good behavior. Dr. Schuh became troubled with this system as her daughter started to become noticeably over focused
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