The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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The multicultural melting pot, as Canada has so avidly been called may not be as melded together as the leaders would like us to believe. Even though the Canadian government is actively pursuing multicultural acceptance, racist ideologies still prevail amongst the general population. The strained relationship with First Nations peoples is beginning to be redeemed through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and there have been bills passed through the federal government that are attempting to abolish racism issues such as “islamophobia” and other fearful attitudes; however, commissions and bills only prove that the government is concerned about these issues and wants to do something, yet, does nothing to change the prevailing attitudes or shift the cultural norms of racism and fear. The broth of the pot is attempting to dissolve every other ingredient and turn it into broth but neglecting to acknowledge that the variance in flavour is what makes soup great. //First, the issue of racism has existed in Canada long before it became as ethnically diverse as it is today. Racism began with colonialism and white settlers believing that they were better than the indigenous peoples. The racism that First Nations people face is deeper rooted than that of any immigrant (however, Muslims and Middle Eastern immigrants are beginning to face increasing levels of racism and prejudice). Further, the multiculturalism policies instituted by Canadian government is geared towards the acceptance of immigrants and all cultures and ethnicities, yet as a country we cannot respect those who were here before the “Canadians.” Thus, the multicultural policies geared towards immigration does not deal with the fundamentally institutional racism against one of the most marginalized people groups in Canadian society – First Nations peoples. Moreover, Canada’s multicultural policies “purposefully ignores the structural contexts in which the Canadian society, economy, and polity have developed historically and operate currently. It has adopted a diversity discourse that portrays Canada as a horizontal – not as a vertical – socio-economic and political space.” (Satzewich, 2017, p. 158-9). These policies keep the power with the powerful by
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