The Importance Of Multiculturalism In The UK

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Multiculturalism is the view that those cultures, ethnicities and races particularly of minority should warrant distinct acknowledgment and support of their diverse differences within a dominant culture. Ideology surrounding multiculturalism ranges from the advocacy of equality to promoting the preservation of cultural diversity. Policing in the UK has long been stigmatised with regards to race relations. Procedures for recruitment underwent two major transformations following on from the Race Relations Act 1961; carried out in the 1980’s and early 2000s after official inquires prompted by a botched police investigation into a racially motivated murder in 1982. Historically, dominated by white males the UK force was criticised for its sexist and racist culture. The disproportionate employment of ethnic minorities in police and other public services came to light as a result of the publication of the Macpherson Report 1999, into the inquiry following Stephen Lawrence’s racist murder. The duties of public authorities to prevent such discrimination was reinforced by the Race Relations Act 2000 as well as their obligation to promote equality and healthy relations between different races. Following on from this, all 43 forces between England and Wales were set varying quotas with regards to increasing recruitment of officers from ethnic minorities. Throughout …

Since the Lawrence Inquiry Report 1999, it became apparent that the provision of a service designed for the white

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