The Importance Of My Day At School

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My day had started out seemingly normal. I hadn’t known when I awoke that this would be the day that would mark my life for years to come. The day had begun like any other. I gathered my things and went to school. All of my morning classes passed by rather quickly. I didn’t have much work to do, as it was a Friday. The bell rang, signaling the end of fourth period, and I grew irritated knowing that I was on my way to the class I hated most, Language Arts.
Now you might be wondering what makes this class so infuriating, and it’s not that I dislike the subject, I simply had a certain disdain for the people that were in it. I sat in the middle of my row and I was literally surrounded by bullies.They picked on me in that class on a daily …show more content…

My dad and I never had the best relationship. Even so, it was difficult to hear what happened. I didn’t know exactly to feel, since I had never been in a situation like that before.
I asked my mom if she would hang out at my grandmother’s house for a bit so that I could have some time to myself. After some time had passed, my mother returned and said that I could invite some friends over if I wanted. I immediately called Kaitlyn and told her what happened. After that, I told Angela. They both came over and hung out for a while and helped to take my mind off things. I’m quite thankful that I have good friends that I can rely on during tough times.
My dad was never around, and he often broke his promises. For this reason, there were very few times where I said nice things to him. I would often say mean things and yell at him through the phone. I never, not once, thought that I would wake up, and he’d be gone. I spent so much time being angry and upset with him, I never realized that there was a possibility that he wouldn’t be there the next day. I regret not trying to fix things and I feel awful that I was always such a terrible person to him. My father made unwise decisions. He hung out with the wrong crowd, and that ended up killing him in the long run. I’m not blaming any specific person for what happened. He made his own choices, even if they were bad ones. I want you to read

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