The Importance Of My Experience At A College Band Camp

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Have you ever spent a week at a college band camp? Unfortunately, it does not resemble the iconic scene from the classic film, American Pie. This narrative depicts why I decided to attend Southwestern rather than other colleges such as Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, and Wichita State University. My fellow band friends and I took a three hour journey to Weatherford from Blackwell to attend the Southwestern Band Camp for four days. As soon as we reached our destination, I realized that this was where I wanted to be. When I stepped out of the cramped car, a cool breeze blew across my face. On this ninety-four degree mid-summer day, band kids were walking aimlessly trying to find the correct building to go to. As for myself, I knew exactly where to go. Check-in was at 1PM in the Oklahoma Hall and luckily for us, I had scoped out the campus on Google maps to try and figure everything out. I knew once we exited the car that we needed to cross the street and head towards the building that looked like an “x”. Once we had checked in and placed our suitcases placed in the assigned dorms, we got our instruments out and headed towards the Fine Arts building. Auditions were separated by the type of instrument you played. Unfortunately, I had to separate from my friends since I played the bass clarinet and they played the saxophone. I had lost my way several times. Students were pacing the hallways and loud jabber between fellow instrumentalists about the etude could

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