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  • The Importance Of Being A Bass Clarinet

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    hidden responses will not be there. The second one would be so my math grade would improve . The third would be owning a brand new bass clarinet. I would get rid of the unintended responses with the first wish. So none of my friends or family die. Also so nothing like my third wish so I would get a real bass clarinet and not a piece of paper with a picture of a bass clarinet. Also that would be my first wish because I am not good at being specific. My second wish would be so that my math grade improves

  • A Bass Clarinet Research Paper

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    I’m a bass clarinet. Yes, a bass clarinet. Most people, even in band, forget what a bass clarinet is. That instrument in the back that’s neither classified subjectively as a wind nor a brass because of it’s low “duck” noises? Yup, that’s me! Although I’ve never had a rightful place in the band as a well known instrument, the family that I formed from having a close and small section is what I gained as a result. The first sectional I ever went to was terrifying. Would they like me? Would I even

  • Dizzys Club Coca Cola Essay

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    while playing a percussion instrument. The rhythm was gradually installed, and the sound, swinging between invigorating and lamenting, opens space to the improvisations that intertwine with the consistent rhythmic basis formed by the dreamy piano, bass, and percussion. Mr. Villafranca, always communicative, asks the audience: ‘are we doing ok so far?’. The answer was affirmative, and with no more delays, the band advances to the following

  • The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Being An Instrument

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    i wanted to reach up to the level my classmates were at. So I tried out on flute, saxophone, and clarinet, and instantly fell in

  • Fall Concert Analysis

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    which is lively and fast. All of this movement is dedicated to a rhythmic oboe, clarinet and cornet solo. The movement is light in character and an instrument called the euphonium brings us back to the first theme. The second theme is then played in a major key. Movement 3: “March” is played at a march tempo, which is played at a consistent and regular rhythm for people to march to. This movement opens with a bass drum solo that is very

  • Jazz History Concert Report On The Concert

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    title of the concert is “Experimental Improvisation with: Kjell Nordeson & Peter Kuhn”. The concert was performed in Mesa College Music building. Peter Kuhn had three instruments with him a bass clarinet, saxophone, and a Bb Clarinet. He used the bass clarinet and the saxophone during his first piece, and the clarinet on the second piece. Kjell Nordeson was on the drum but had a lot of instruments with him. Sometimes he would play the drums as a drums set but sometimes he would put some sort of objects

  • The Importance Of My Experience At A College Band Camp

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    our suitcases placed in the assigned dorms, we got our instruments out and headed towards the Fine Arts building. Auditions were separated by the type of instrument you played. Unfortunately, I had to separate from my friends since I played the bass clarinet and they played the saxophone. I had lost my way several times. Students were pacing the hallways and loud jabber between fellow instrumentalists about the etude could

  • The Chalumeau and the Clarinet Essay

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    itself is most commonly known as the predecessor to the modern-day clarinet. The instrument has only eight tone-holes on its cylindrical bore. There are many other single reed instruments that resemble the chalumeau and were in existence during the same time period. I will be discussing the history of the chalumeau and its repertoire, similar instruments of the time, and the evolution from the chalumeau to the modern day clarinet. My sources will include scholarly articles from online databases,

  • Clarinet Research Paper

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    The Clarinet is a woodwind musical instrument that evolved from Chalumeau, a single reed woodwind instrument of the late baroque and early classical time. The Clarinet formed by a craftsman in Nuremberg named Johann Christoph Daniel. Before he invents the clarinet, only some national instrument and organ use the reed. Originally, people just use the clarinet to substitute the Trumpet for the treble, after Daniel to add some keys and an individual mouthpiece, also flared pipe may be better still,

  • A tribute to Patsy Cline

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    intended. The next work that the Nashville symphony performed was George Gershwin's, "Rhapsody in Blue." This rhapsody combines classical music with some jazz infuences. The score for this calls for one flute, one oboe, one clarinet in E-flat, one clarinet in B- flat, one bass clarinet in B-flat, one heckelphone, one sporanino saxaphone in E-flat, one soprano saxaphone in B-flat, one alto saxaphone in E-flat, one tenor saxaphone in B-flat, and one baratone saxaphone in E-flat for the woodwins. For the