The Importance Of My Life

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My life is sort of like a book, it should not be judged by its cover. Most of my peers perceive that everything in my life is sailing smoothly but boy were they wrong. While faking my well being was not in my best interest, I did it anyways. But because I lived up to the joyful girl I made myself to be people did not get to know who I truly am. Certainly life has been a struggle but slowly I am tearing down the walls I have built to protect myself because it is what I deserve. Chapter 1: (Age 0-4) At this point in my life nothing significant took place because I barely remember this portion. But what I can recall though was that my dad was not present. As much as I wanted to have the same stories everyone else has about their fathers I …show more content…

I’m glad life did not continue like nothing happened because my mom deserved better, My parents were on different pages where it seems better to just have them be apart. I have always felt horrible for thinking that a broken family would be the best option for us. But I would rather have a family that can be honest to themselves. Chapter 4: (Age 13-16) My family has always been known to have no problems. To the world it seemed like everything was fine but to me everything was bottled up. That is what irritates me the most. We were so fake not only to those closest to us but to each other. To be so honest being “happy” was draining both mentally and emotionally. We were not how we used to be like. We are however divided by my dad’s actions. Over the years I have gotten used to the feeling and that is not a good thing. Since I have become numbed nothing mattered. Each fight I realized my tears were not worth shedding because this war was meant to be fought by my mom and dad. I was nothing but collateral damage. I forgive my dad but his actions changed not only my life but my values. I have been able to establish morals and views that opposed what I have been taught growing up. I have a good life and I can say that with confidence because despite life’s difficulties I still enjoy the little things each day brings. I refuse to let my dad’s actions define me. I will write my own book and this is just the beginning.

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