The Importance Of My Writing

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At a young age, I admired writing with all my heart. I would write only about fantasy as long as it grabbed me out of my own reality. When I created my fantasy stories, I would be so deep into my writing that I would not notice anything else other than the words flowing through my mind as I write. In the process of growing up, my writing changed. Instead of only writing fantasy stories, I started to write about my everyday tribulations and my speculations about it all. This habit kept me composed and relaxed countless times. With three siblings, one younger brother, and two older sisters, I am the middle child. My parents have always supported me and continue to be there for me when I need them the most. Even though I had a loving family, I still felt alone growing up. My two older sisters were not entirely fond of me when they were in their elementary and high school years, for reasons I could not apprehend. As my sisters grew up and started going to college, they started to become more mature and began to show more affection towards me. I occasionally still feel alone with no one to turn to but myself and my writing. In innumerable ways, I can relate to George Orwell with the evidence that in his paper called “Why I Write” he describes himself as lonely, entertaining himself through his thoughts alone. I did not obtain the amount of attention I wanted at home, therefore I used to create my own “drama” at school in fifth and sixth grade. Suddenly, I realized that I should

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